Why Fi


For all that is a challenge in Honduras, being in touch with my family has been surprisingly simple. Our modest hotel offers free WiFi, providing me contact with home via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this blog.

Each morning I awake just after my own family, who is in a time zone two hours before me. I immediately log in to see what messages and pictures my husband and mom have sent (not enough!). Then I see what’s happening on the social networking sites. I get ready for the day, maybe post a blog post, and check in once more before heading out for a long day. The evening ritual is much the same with me trying to keep pulse on my girls, family, and friends while serving in Honduras.

Sitting at the Children’s Village, we were given the WiFi password to use, in case we needed access during the day. In short order, a few of us grabbed our phones and tried logging in. As I was struggling to get a connection, one of the boys climbed on the arm of my chair, leaned over, and asked, “What are you looking for?”

Indeed. What was I looking for? After waiting months, years to be here in Honduras, I sat surrounded by God’s children, trying to get connected to the world beyond. Convicted, I looked Julio in the eye and responded, “Nothing that can’t wait. I’m here to be with you.” I put away the phone, jumped up, and had a blast pouring God’s love into the kids.

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