A Little Goes a Long Way


Yesterday, as we flew to Honduras, I pondered my part in this great big whole. Do the things I do really leave an impact? Can my visit to one orphanage in all the orphanages in all the world really make a difference? I’d like to think the answer is yes and she leapt into my arms today.

Four years ago, my heart broke as I held a sick baby girl. Her mother had just released custody and dropped her off at Heart to Heart. I had the unfortunate privilege of watching the surreal exchange. Noemi was lethargic, cried all the time, and had a deep cough. She needed sleep and tender care. So I rocked her for hours while she slept soundly on my chest. And then, a few days later, I had to leave her, not knowing how this child would adjust to her new reality. But I knew I left her in the care of a ministry dedicated to raising and loving their children. In the time since, I have received updates on Noemi and her 4 siblings, but nothing prepared me for our reunion. That sick baby is now a spunky five year old girl! When her sister led me to her today, little Mimi ran and jumped into my arms. She doesn’t remember me, or the bond we shared, or the prayers I lifted over her weak little frame. But she remembers love and pours it out freely. 

This tiny child sat on my lap and carefully formed the letters N O E M I L O P E Z in her little notebook, just as my own five year old does at home. I fought back tears; this sweet bundle of joy didn’t need to see me cry. But so overwhelmed am I at God’s provision in the life of this one child to bring her out of sickness and abuse to a home where she is loved and cared for. And for God’s provision in the life of every child at Heart to Heart. Although there are always more children to help, tonight 105 at risk children are sleeping soundly and safely thanks to this ministry dedicated to raising them. It’s not enough. It’s never enough. But Noemi taught me even a little makes a big difference!


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