Honduras today! 


I cried when I left Honduras. Yearned to return before my flight even departed. Not knowing when or if I would get to see their faces again. But God answered my pleas. 

Today I am flying back to Heart2Heart, to the orphanage and the children I fell I love with. They won’t remember me, just another lady in a line of well-meaning visitors to their children’s village. Oh but I remember them, their smiles, their hugs, their kindness. And I remember profoundly, daily, the impact they had on my life. Children with no possessions aside from heartbreak and abuse, overflowing with a joy and love unlike any I’ve known. 

What will it be like this time? I’ve dreamt of it. Will I again be burdened with sadness for the destitute lives in this third world nation? Will I again be overwhelmed by how small I am in this huge cycle of poverty? In a place I can do so little to rescue these precious souls from despair, how can I make a difference? Our group of 10 carries six large duffle bags (nearly 300 lbs!), packed to the brim with school supplies, clothes, shoes, and athletic equipment, all of which came to us through the generous donations of friends in the US. All trip expenses have been covered through financial gifts and church funds. Encouragement fuels me and reminds me our small group is part of something larger. We get to partner with dozens of friends and family members at home who send their love, good thoughts, and faithful prayers. I choose to be filled with hope for the small impact we will have and it’s infinite ripple effect. I choose praise and thankfulness for the opportunity to return and share this experience with my group. 

And … wheels MIA – SAP!!

[Edited to share my first glimpse to which Meredith replied “Oh Mommy. You’re crying tears of happiness, aren’t you?” Absolutely!

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