The Overall Trip


Final guest post from 10-year old Meredith, following our visit to the Heart to Heart Children’s Village in Honduras. 


The overall trip in four words is incredible, amazing, beautiful, and life-changing. The kids at the orphanage were so humble and kind. If you had met the the kids you would say the same thing everybody on the team said. “These kids are the nicest people I have ever met.” And the kids really are the nicest people I have ever met.

A lot of people ask how old the kids at the orphanage are. So I said three to twenty one. However, the orphanage is still helping them through their whole life. The orphanage signifies babies as six and under. 

We went to a waterpark and a zoo. The zoo is connected to the water park. The animals at the zoo are all native to Honduras. Monkeys, crocodiles, alligators, horses, peacocks, mountain lions, tigers and a lot more. The water park is a wide hole in the ground with a very tall steep slide and a loopy slide. No lifeguards or rules or pool chairs. Just us and the hundred and five kids.

The way Honduras changed my life was how poor but yet happy the people were. One day I got to the village and Guillermo ran up to me and said, “Look! I got a haircut!” We Americans would never be so happy to get a haircut. I was amazed how humble they were too. One of the ways I am going to keep in touch with them is to write a lot of letters.

I really hope that I go back again. It could change my life even more. I think if I went back one or two more times, then I would want to stay at the orphanage forever. Honduras is an astonishing place. I hope you get to go there sometime.


For more information about Heart to Heart, visit Since our visit just a couple months past, the family has grown to 117 children. The cost to fully raise (feed, clothe, educate, etc.) each child is about $300 per month. Every dollar donated is put directly into the ministry and makes a direct impact on the life of a child. 

Thanks for reading and thank you for your support! ❤️

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