The Chalk Fight


Guest post by Meredith:

In every story, chalk is a cute thing that kids play with. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say every because it is definitely not cute in this story. This is a story about me and a girl, named Alma, at the village.

Now Alma was sitting with me “practicing my Spanish” at the chalkboard. Then I said, “I am bored.” 

“Of course you are,” she said. “So we have to spiff you up a bit.” She drew a long blue streak of chalk on my arm. 


And we took off running.

Up the playground.

Down the slide.

Around the building.

Over the swings.

“Gotcha now!” I said. By this time my face was all blue and red, and she had no pink on her at all. I had her in a room, she was caught. Then she literally climbed up, onto a couch, and jumped out the window.

Through the window. 

Okay maybe Alma won that competition.

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