The Poor


Guest post by Meredith:

Honduras is the most poor country on this side of the world besides Haiti. Shanty towns are everywhere. Horses, cows, chickens, and dogs are roaming, looking for food. It is like The Great Depression all over again. It is not your paradise tropical resort.

The leader of our team was dumping garbage with one of the older boys. They were driving out the gates of the dump when the boy, Denis, pointed and said “I grew up over there.” There was a little shack like the one where he grew up. Kids were crawling on the garbage looking for paper to go to school. Huts and shacks circled the great mounds of trash.

When we as Americans use a piece of paper we don’t think that maybe little helpless innocent kids are out there. Out in the world looking on garbage dumps for paper. Just to go to school.


Unfortunately, Meredith is correct about the poverty in Honduras and the children living in the garbage dumps. What she doesn’t fully comprehend (probably for the best at her young age) is that these children scour the trash not only for paper but for food, for everything. Of the 8 million people in the nation, an estimated nearly 200,000 children live in at-risk situations, falling victim to malnourishment, abuse, gang violence, incapable parents, fetal alcohol syndrome, abandonment. 

Heart to Heart has changed that story for more than one hundred lives; the ministry has taken in the abused and lost, given homes to the homeless, fed the starved, and loved every single heart. Oscar and Amy Serrano raise each child as they do their own two biological daughters. They know every story, every heartbreak, every hope. It’s hard for us to comprehend the harsh realities of life in Honduras, which is only one small nation in a world too full of third world problems. But seeing the positive impact made by ministries like H2H should encourage us. Just like Denis, the young man Meredith mentioned, children are being rescued, raised, and loved. 

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  1. Leslie, not only have you given Meredith an invaluable lesson in humanity, you have also proven that the grace of God is present in all whose hearts love and whose hands work.
    God bless you and your beautiful daughter.
    Love, Sharon

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