C is for Caliente


Observations from my first six hours in Honduras:

I was lucky to have a warm shower with decent water pressure. Note to self: C is for calienté, not cold.

Remembering to brush with bottled, rather than tap, water is easy if I don’t turn on the tap at all. Tossing used TP in the trash, rather than commode, is a harder habit to break.

The forests are so lush, they appear black rather than green.

Rivers are brown from silt, trash, and sewage.

In a country so overwhelmed with poverty (the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere), what constitutes as housing is nothing short of a tragedy.

With no where to dispose of trash, litter piles up everywhere the eye can see. Roadsides and riverbanks are peppered with debris.

People themselves don’t have enough to eat, so animals face a miserable existence. Horses, cows, and dogs roam, starved and diseased.

Buildings, homes, and companies of any value are guarded by cement block walls and razor wire.

Shacks are quality homes for the middle class. The wealthy live in large homes behind well-guarded gates. The poor live and raise their children in lean-tos and tarp-covered spaces.

I don’t know how I will return to America and not be sickened by our indulgences.

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  1. Years ago, a friend of mine complained to me that her job sucked, her car needed repair, and her house was a money pit. I said, “Well, at least you have a job, a car, and a house” and reminded her that millions (billions?) of people in the world didn’t even have any of those things. Don’t be sickened by our indulgences…be thankful for them and appreciate that they are gifts, not rights. And think differently about how and why to help those in need, even back at home, with newfound experiences like you’re having.

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